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As assembly products dominate markets with identical copies of the same products, handcrafted goods are making a resurgence in the consumer’s eye. While the allure of shiny gold and simple platinum will never made, there is something profound in having jewellery shaped out of the very earth that we stand upon.


I have always loved making things with my hands, as I believe that it creates a level of intimacy with the product that cannot be matched. When I started experimenting with clay, I realized that I had found the perfect canvas for my imagination and soon enough, I began creating designs that my friends and family fell in love with.


I call my collection “Bhuvee”, paying homage to the earthen clay that forms the base for all my creations. 


I do not use an assembly line or any machines – every component of my designs are handcrafted. Even the baking process, which is essential for the finish of the products, is performed at our farm in a natural wood fire.


I believe that my handcrafting process makes every piece of jewellery unique and I imbue a part of my passion into every piece I make. I invite you to share in my passion with some beautiful terracotta jewellery by Bhuvee Designs.

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